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The Process:

Extrusion Blow molding


Prijons world-renowned extrusion blow molding manufacturing process is unique in the realm of paddle sports. Constructed of high performance thermoplastic (HTP), the resulting boats are the strongest, most rigid and durable in the world. How long Prijon boats will actually last is a question yet to be answered. The first Taifun we manufactured back in 1983 is still afloat and being paddled with pleasure by its owner. The equipment used for this process is massive and complex. The extrusion blow molding machinery is over 40 feet tall and weighs 350 tons. The individual kayak molds used in the blow molders are each a work of art, being individually machined from 5-ton blocks of aluminum and fitted with water cooling, vacuum, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The actual extrusion and blow molding processes are controlled by computer. A customized program specifies temperature, material flow rate and hydraulic as well as air pressure characteristics of a given extrusion and molding according to the unique requirements of each kayak design. The HTP material emerges from the extruder 20 feet above the floor as a tube of taffy-like plastic roughly the diameter and

length of the kayak being molded. The mold halves are closed around the tube and a bang is heard as air is blown into the mold at 145 psi. The air pressure forces the tube of HTP to assume the shape of the inside of the mold. After cooling the mold halves are split open and a new Prijon kayak hull emerges, ready for trimming and final outfitting.


The Material:

High Performance Thermoplastic


Prijon boats are constructed with high performance thermoplastic, or HTP, also known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. An HTP molecule is about 10 times longer, with 30% higher E module (longitudinal stiffness), and 25% higher torsional stiffness than rotationally molded polyethylene. This same material is used for other products such as cutting boards, racing skis, and in industrial applications where strength and durability are critical. The length of the HTP molecule, combined with the pressure of our extrusion and blow molding process, produces very dense plastic with long and tenacious bonds between individual molecules. As a result, Prijon kayaks are the strongest, most rigid and most durable in the world.

The Result:

Unsurpassed Performance & Durability


10 times the molecular length - More strength & tremendous durability


30% higher E module (longitudinal stiffness) - Better performance in the river


25% increase in torsional stiffness - Immediate response during quick maneuvers

5 Year Warranty

The Prijon Advantages:

HTP Extrusion Blowmolding


5 Year Warranty

At Prijon we are so confident in our standard, HTP and the blowmolding process that we offer the best 5-year warranty available today. Experience the difference we have to offer. Manufacturers Warranty.


Pillar-Free Movement

Most kayaks use pillars that can inhibit your safety and comfort. Prijon kayaks are built so strong that pillars are not needed. When paddling Prijon kayaks, the comfort and safety of the open cockpit are unmatched.



HTP is superior in strength, rigidity and shape memory. Ultraviolet stabilizers blended in HTP prevent punishment the sun can reap on your kayak. Ask any Prijon paddler how long they think their boat will last.


Environmental Commitment

We are committed to zero waste, reuse and earth-friendly materials. If our stringent. requirements are not met in a particular boat, that hull will be reused in other boat parts. HTP is groundwater neutral and non-toxic.



Experience the performance of glass and the durability of plastic, no substitute HTP. Prijon kayaks have similar paddling characteristics to fiberglass and carbon kevlar kayaks but with amazing durability and zero maintenance. You will notice the same glide, carves and rigidity as that of high-end glass kayaks but Prijon HTP kayaks are a much lower price.


Storage Capacity

The internal capacity is significantly greater in blowmolded HTP kayaks. Behind your seat, in the cockpit area and in front of bulkhead footbraces, no pillars take up space. You can efficiently pack gear to evenly distribute the weight without hindering performance.



HTP is repairable. You can maintain your HTP kayaks with repair sticks. Fix scratches, nicks and other blemishes with HTP repair sticks and a little heat.